Roundup: My July Book Reviews


It's the end of the month which means it's time for my monthly book review round up, where you can see a (very) shortened review of books that I've read, and click the blue links to go to the main review. Of course since I'm given a lot of these books for free, at the end of this post you can win them for yourself or a $50 Amazon gift card.

  • Making Marion -  This is a story starts with a woman, Marion who is trying to learn more about her father's past. She quickly lands herself a job at a campsite, where it seems like everything is happening against her, until she manages to meet someone in one of her mishaps. 
  • Home Again - Set in the 1960's I already loved this book from the start. April, the main character is fleeing a terrible marriage, and goes to a place that she loved as a child, only to find it has changed for the worse. She just gets into the groove of things when her almost husband finds her. 
  • Captured by Love - If you're looking for a romance with a damsel in distress, then this book is it, especially if you like historical love stories. The Michigan Territory isn't in great shape thanks to the British occupation, and one woman can't fight it on her own. 
  • The Buy Side - Have you ever wondered how the Wall Street Traders make so much money, especially now when everything can be done online? Well, there's a secret to it shared by a formal Wall Street Broker himself, full of drugs and parties as well.
  • How to Pick Up a Stripper - This book isn't what you think it is, although that also would have made an interesting book. It's about how to preach to people who need it most, by offering kindness instead of judgement. Something I think a lot of christians need to work on. 
  • Answering Your Kid's Toughest Questions - For a parent, guardian, Sunday School teacher, or really anyone who is of the Christian faith and might have to answer questions about it from children, this book is a must read. I remember my own questions going unanswered as a child which is very discouraging.
  • Candle Prayers for Kids - Can I start by saying that I'm not a big fan of this book? I mean it has great graphics and I like the idea of it, but having memorized prayers seems so impersonal to me. Talking to God should be a one on one thing, even for children. 
  • Pilgram's Wilderness - Good nonfiction novels can be hard to come by so I was very impressed when I started reading this one, and actually enjoyed it. The author does a great job of placing you there, and how can I turn down a modern day story about Alaska?
  • The Wet and the Dry - Alcohol is a huge part of the Western Society, and especially so where I live. I really enjoyed looking at different cultures and their views on drinking, from Muslims to Christians, and seeing their perspective. 
  • A Beautiful Defeat - I'm sure this is very common with Christian books, but sometimes I really don't like what they're saying. A Beautiful Defeat, wants you to give yourself up to God, which sounds great, but God gives you that drive so you can accomplish things yourself. 
  • Beyond IQ - I'm sure that this book will sell, because everyone is trying to make themselves smarter and more successful. While this book does offer a few good ideas for brain training, the easiest approach to increasing intelligence and skills, is to learn those things through a real class. 
  • King Rules - Maybe I'll get some hate for this, because MLK Jr. can do no wrong, but this book is completely worthless. Or does everyone want to learn family lessons from a man who is notorious for having affairs with multiple women? Just because the author is the niece of a great civil rights leader doesn't mean she can properly write a book about it. 
  • Miracle in a Dry Season - This novel is perfect for a light read during a relaxing weekend. I love the strong single mother main character, and her struggles with the town. Of course there is a love story too. 
  • Dirty Faith - This book goes right along with How to Pick up a Stripper, preaching to those who need it most. Also this book talks about how you can help people in your free time, you don't have to do a year long mission in Africa.

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