Roundup: Beauty Reviews (July 27 - August 9)

 Perfective Ceuticals Eye Cream - I used to think that eye creams weren't worth the time. I mean they're more expensive than all over facial moisturizers, and take the extra time to apply. Since trying out a few though I've totally changed my mind. Specifically this Perfective Ceuticals Eye Cream has done so much to reduce my dark circles. 

 Hair She Goes Removal Kit - My dream is to be hair free from my eyebrows down (of course excluding the hair on my scalp that's past that) and I've always found those soft little blonde hairs very annoying to have. Well, this threading tool completely gets rid of those, even if I start to cringe every time I hold it. 
 Body Merry Eye Cream - I was just talking about eye creams, but this one is a little different, Body Merry is what a friend of mine would refer to as hippy cream. It's full of things that are known to be good for your skin like retinal, vitamins and minerals. The best part though is that it doesn't smell like a wrinkle cream... It smells like a garden.  
 Soapbox Lemongrass Bar Soap - I'm been loving hand made soap lately, and when soapbox offered to send my a sample I jumped on the chance. I didn't realize though how great the company is until I read their brochure, one bar of soap for someone in need for each one sold. Plus this Lemongrass one smells amazing, and the line is available at Target. 
 Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Redgy Nail Color - Gel nail polishes are awesome, they have a great finish, and last for a lot longer than traditional polishes, but they're hard to remove and you need a light to dry them. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel is the best of both worlds, because although it is a gel it cures in sunlight and can be removed with regular nail polish remover.
 Bargain Argan 100% Argan Oil - Lately I've been given so many opportunities to try out natural products and this Argan oil is one of those. It's made for moisturizing hair and skin (I just use it for hair) and even though it smells a little odd it works so well that I don't even care.  
One Direction Up All Night Makeup Kit - This makeup kit is the reason I didn't do a traditional beauty review round up last week. I was too busy trying out all the things that just came as a part of it. Even if you aren't a 1D fan this kit has some great makeup that's worth taking a look at. 

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