Roundup: Beauty Reviews ( August 10-16)

 Valentia Even Glow Serum - Vitamin C is something that everyone knows is very good to have in your diet. Did you also know that Vitamin C has been proven to be a great addition to your skin care regime? It helps to not only protect the skin from sun but also repair damage. The only bad thing is you have to keep it in a refrigerator. 

Sieva Cellulite Firming and Body Contouring Cream - Hi, my name is Hanna and I have cellulite. It's something that isn't easy for me to admit, especially since I didn't have it before I started this whole weight gain thing,  This Sieva Cellulite lotion, has a pleasant minty smell, and although it is a little runny, making it hard to apply I've been using it diligently. So far there has been quite a difference in how noticeable and the quantity of cellulite I have. 

 Sieva Stretch Mark & Scar Cream - I'm lucky enough not to have any stretch marks, considering I don't have any children this is probably pretty normal, but I do have a few scars. One of each of my knees from childhood biking accidents, and then one that I'm more self conscious about on my arm from a time when I burnt myself.  I've been using the Sieva lotion, which has a great citrus scent, and have noticed a difference in how my scars look, and an even bigger difference in how they feel. 
 EnvyDerm Eyeliner - Whenever I use a pencil eyeliner, I have so much trouble getting the look I want. Although liquid liner normally does the trick for me it tends to be messy, and dries out my eyelids. That was until I tried out the EnvyDerm lash grown and conditioner. It applies easily, lasts forever and is great for my eyes.
 Uni Moroccan Argan Oil - I'm trying to grow my hair out, preferably past my butt. I've eased up on my heated styling tools usage, and have been going a lot longer between hair dying. This hasn't been enough though because I was still getting a lot of breakage, so I started using this Moroccan Argan Oil. It's made my hair a whole lot smoother, without making it oily, and it's all natural. 
 Petunia Skin Care Anti-Aging Serum - I'm not sure why but it took me quite awhile to register the Petunia brand with the flower that it's named after. This serum is in the typical dark brown jar, but also had an adorable pink and white box with it that explained all the health benefits of it's vitamin c & E and the acids it uses. It must stored in the refrigerator.
Instanatural Niacinamide 5% Moisturizer - With all the serums I've been trying out lately I couldn't help but think that I was missing something, and that something was a good moisturizer. I love this InstaNatural one because it's light weight and helps with hyper pigmentation as well as reduces acne.  

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