Review: Youphoria Yoga Mat

I love yoga. I mean love it. I don't just do it for the exercise or limberness like some of my friends do (we have a little yoga group) I actually enjoy it. It's just relaxing getting to stretch out all your muscles and of course the corpse position that we do at the end helps with that relaxation. I have to say though when doing more advanced positions I find myself slipping a little, so when Youphoria offered to send my their yoga mat, which is supposed to be non slip. 

The Youphoria Yoga Mat (I'm loving the name) came through Amazon fulfillment which I think is great. They have fast delivery, great customer service, and you can depend on them getting your item to you free of damage. It was in a narrow tall box. Inside was the yoga strap used for carrying the mat, which I think is a nice addition, and something my Walmart yoga mat didn't have. 

Rolling it out, and stepping on it the first time, I noticed how soft it is. In a concrete floored yoga studio, this mat would be my first choice. Of course the slightly sticky feel it has is exactly what I was looking for to help me out, and perfect to go with my Shandali Pink Hot Yoga Towel. So, I'm going to be getting rid of my old yoga mat and sticking to only using the Youphoria Yoga Mat.  

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