Review: TheO SmartBall

Technology is something I love. I can't help but look at the specs for new phones or computers, and the latest gadget is something I need to know all about. Along with liking new software and hardware I also like new ways to use a product you already have. Like this TheO SmartBall that I was given to try out. It's made to combine academic learning with physical activity in a way that kids will just think they are having fun. 

Starting with the packaging this TheO SmartBall came to me in a normal brown cardboard box. Inside was a promotional looking string backpack with the TheO Smartball in it. The ball is a yellow orange foam material, and very soft. The sides have groves making it easier to hold and the cut out for your phone has a way to strap it in, that way it doesn't come flying out. Online there are 16 apps, most of which are free. 

First let me start by saying its a good thing this ball came with a backpack because it can get damaged being lugged around since the foam is soft. I downloaded a few apps onto my phone , 12 come for free, and was actually quite impressed by them. They go ages 2-6 for the majority with a few all ages and older. The designs are good and education but still easy to play and interactive. 

I do have a few complaints though, first off the screen (your phone) isn't all that big, and then shoved in the middle of a ball it looks a whole lot smaller, making the games a little harder to play since your child won't be able to see it as well. However with the new huge screen that the latest iPhone is going to have this won't be an issue at all (you can pre order a ball for that now!) and although I think this product is great, I think I've seen cheap versions about $20 instead of $50 with a built in screen. They don't have the same quality of games, but for less than half the price it is something to consider. 

Overall I think the TheO SmartBall is a great toy, and education tool. It is easy to use, has great apps and is actually fun. However the price is on the high end for a toy like it. 

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