Review: Sobo Essential Moisturizing Cream

Lately it seems like my skins been getting dry, particularly on my face. Maybe it has to do with all that exfoliating I've been doing which has been making it a lot softer. I also think it has a little to do with the changing weather since dry weather is just one of the hazards of fall. Of course I also love trying out new creams, moisturizers and lotions so when SOBO offered to send me their essential moisturizing cream of course I said yes. 

This SOBO lotion comes in an a very pretty, high end looking bottle. Instead of being glass, what it looks like it is, it's actually a hard clear plastic. The lid is a white twist off version, and has a safety seal which I think is a very nice touch. 

Opening up the bottle this lotion smelled nice. Not really a specific scent just a regular good smelling lotion. It isn't what I'd call a light lotion, but it goes on that way. It didn't leave any sort of oily shiny feeling just soft smooth and moisturized skin. 

Verdict: The Sobo Essentials Moisturizing Cream is a great product. It looks pretty in the bottle and moisturizes well. It's light and doesn't leave any greasy residue behind. Since my skin has been particularly dry I'm using it nightly. 

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