Review: Mask IT

 As you might already know, based on posts where I talked about period underwear I don't have any problem letting people know about my period. I'll complain about it to anyone I know regardless of their sex or my relation to them. As open as I am about my period, when I go to the bathroom at someone's house I become super shy about the whole thing. Where do I throw it away? How can I wrap it up? because we all know you really shouldn't be putting those tampons down the toilet because that can become even more embarrassing. 

That being said, you can understand why I was immediately happy when the people over at MaskIt offered to send me samples of their two products (tampon and pad) to "keep your cycle under wraps".    They come packaged separately in pink and black thin cardboard. You pull on one side to open and then out comes a white bag with the mask it logo and you just put your used stuff in there and then you're done.

Overall I think the concept is great. I mean keeping used tampons and pads (grosssss) hidden can be a big issue for females. I do think they're a little expensive though, and I'm not sure that I like that the little white bags have the mask it logo on them. Of course these problems aren't that significant and I will be continuing to use my Mask It products every time I'm on my period. 

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