Review: Majestic Bombay Stainless Steel Ingrown Hair Splintertweeze

Maybe I shouldn't admit this but I get ingrown hairs. Not on my face but actually, on my legs after shaving. I've talked about how much trouble I have shaving when I did the Venus Spa Breeze Review. Other than dry skin the biggest problem I have really is those gross ingrown hairs. I don't get them all that often, but when I do, it's such a pain trying to get rid of them. So I was very happy to be able to try out the Majestic Bombay Stainless Steel Ingrown air Splintertweeze.

This Ingrown Hair Tweezer came in a black plastic holder with one side being a translucent. Although I did have to rip it open, it can be used again for storage. The tweezers came with a plastic piece to hold them together but that did rip. This Bombay product is a bright yellow which is great for being able to find it, and it's pretty long.

I first tested out the Majestic Bombay Stainless Steel Ingrown Hair Splintertweeze on normal hair that I wanted to pull out and they didn't work. They'd break off the hair and then it'd be impossible to get it out. With their thin nose they can easily dig out an ingrown hair though.

Verdict: These tweezers do work for ingrown hairs, so I can't really have any complaints. I love the reusable pouch and easy to spot bright yellow color. I just wish they were universal so I could pluck normal hairs with them.

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