Review: Innovative Design 101 SiliGuy

So I was given this cute little SiliGuy to test out, and when the Innovative Design 101 company offered it to me, I thought it'd be the perfect. Perfect to hold my iPhone so I can use it's GPS feature while driving more easily. I mean it seemed perfect. Then it arrives at my house, and I see the SiliGuy does so much more, which to me makes it even better. 

First off this Siliguy comes on a clear plastic package with a thin cardboard back.  You can see him in his normal form and on the back you can see six different suggestions for using him. One to prop him up on a table (for videos I think) , to hold a shower curtain, on an workout machine on the charger, just hanging and on the rear view mirror. Taking him out of the packaging I noticed he his a little firmer than I thought he was going to be. 

His arms and legs however are very easy to bend and I didn't have any trouble wrapping him around my phone. The hook is large enough to to put just about any wear and you don't have to worry about the weight of your phone damaging it. 

Verdict: After trying this out for driving I think it's great. No reason to have an expensive GPS in your car because your phone has all that stuff and thinks to SiliGuy who works for many different phone sizes you have something better than a Garmin or TomTom. 

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