Review: IMaze Fitness Dual HR strap

I've reviewed two different fitness armbands specifically made for running, the iArrow Sports Armband and the MuvUSA iPhone 5 Armband so when IMaze approached me to review their product, I though I was getting another armband. However that isn't the case. This is a Fitness Dual HR Strap that assesses you while exercising for heartbeat and fatigue in real time. You can then look at your stats and compare them to previous runs.

Starting with the packaging, I have to say it is a little confusing. It has the iPhone with the strap on the front of the which is nice but there is way too much other information on such a small cardboard box. Opening it up, out comes a very thick instruction manual (you know how much I hate to read those) and two pieces for the fitness strap nicely put inside a plastic container. The strap is red and black and is very stretchy and the monitor itself is hard plastic in black.

The first step is of course download the app, something I personally don't like doing. Once that's done hook everything up and make sure your phone has bluetooth on. Then head out. I barely noticed I was wearing it which is a huge plus. After a week of wear I compared my starting point to my ending point and it was a big motivation to keep going.

Verdict: Personally I'm not into monitoring every little piece of my workout (just don't have the time) but for someone who is I think this would be great. I love that it has has a long battery life and you don't even notice it and those charts showing you getting better are pretty cool.

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