Review: iArrow Sports Armband

I told you guys before, when I reviewed the MuvUSA iPhone 5 Armband  how I love running, but not dropping my phone. And I have to take it with me, not only for listening to music but for emergencies as well. When iArrow offered to send me their sports armband specifically made for the iPhone 5 I immediately said yes, because I was looking for an arm band with a lower profile, one that is a little more small female friendly.

This iArrow running arm band comes in a plastic container that clearly displays what's in it. Something I think is great if you're considering getting an iPhone armband as a gift for someone. The green and white packaging is unisex, but appealing. Int the package comes a "case" for your iPhone a screen cleaner and the armband itself. Putting the phone in the case is relatively easy just slide the case up, and it'll become two and put it in your phone and slide it back over. Then attach the arm band and you're good to go. 

To tell the truth since there weren't directions included this took me a little time to figure out. Using it to run with, I liked that I still had compete access to my headphones, a problem with my previous armband, but with the front cover on I couldn't do anything else. No song changing, no nothing. It also isn't waterproof so this isn't a great band for running in the rain (one of my favorite times to go for a jog)  so that's a negative. On the plus though this arm band case will be a huge protection against drops so if that's your big worry this is the armband for you. 

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