Review: Galley Essentials Silicone Baking Cups

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Baking has sort of become a hobby of mine. I'm still not very good at it, but I've been trying out all kinds of things, because nothing's more perfect than a homemade baked good for dessert. Previously I've liked to make both cupcakes and muffins, one time making cookies and cream cupcakes. Of course though I wasn't a big fan of having to use, and then throw away all those little paper things every time I wanted to make any, so I switched to making cookies instead. So when Galley Essentials offered me some of theirs to review, of course I said yes.

The silicone baking cups come in a pack of 12 which is perfect because that's the standard amount of muffins that you can fit into a muffin pan. They come in a clear container with a simple Galley sticker on the front. Unfortunately you can't really reuse it for storage because they are hard to get in and out. I love the different colors though, because they're so pretty, and it's much less boring than them being all the same color.

After using these Galley Essentials baking cups, I can say I like the quite a bit and not just for their looks. They were the perfect size, and fit in the muffin tins well. Using them was easy and the cupcakes don't stick at all. So of course I'm going to be using these again. 

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