Review: Family Time 17 Month Planner

I hate admitting it, but I'm not organized. I spend hours doing what amounts to nothing, you know watching television or playing a game on the computer. Then come Monday morning I realize I haven't gotten any of my school work done, or that awesome blog post I was thinking of up, and I have no idea where my weekend went. Somehow I just forget about doing those tasks until right before they need to be done, or worse yet, I forget to do them at all. So when I was offered the Family Time 17 month planner to try out, of course I wanted to.

Starting with the looks. The book I was given is obviously meant for a lady, and to tell the truth that's probably the biggest market for these kind of scheduling books, because the stereotypical man wouldn't be this organized. The Flowers on the edge are cute as are the multitude of roses that you get an arial view of. I like the high quality binding that they use and the fact that the cover is thick.

Carrying this Family Time 17 month planner I noticed that it's actually quite durable. Getting it in and  out of my backpack and just kind of throwing it around, and it looks better than my hardback books do. Of course though what I really love is the inside. It has bold print dates, making it easy to find the dates, and there is a huge area to write. Gone are the days when my agenda only gave me a inch line to write homework. Now I can fully write out what I have to do so there is no confusion when I look at it later.

Verdict: I can see myself using the Family Time 17 Month planner until I run out of pages. It's nicely designed both on the inside and the outside and very durable. Since using it, I've noticed that I've been a whole lot more on top of things and don't waste nearly as much time. 

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