Review: Dr. Song Vitamin C & E Serum with Hyaluronic Acid

I've tried out quite a few different vitamin c serums like Instanatural's ,  Day By Day's ,  and Petunia Skin Care's. I like them all pretty well, I mean who doesn't like a serum that helps repair sun damage but of course I'm always looking for the next best thing. Along with that I've reviewed a hylauronic acid from Foxbrim which I loved and one from Instanatural that wasn't bad either so I was curious to see if there were anymore I'd like. So when Dr. Song offered me a sample of their 20% Vitamin C & E serum with hyaluronic acid I was more than willing to try it out. 

To start with it comes in a brown glass bottle very typical of these kind of skin care products. The label is a shiny silver with black font for it's main lettering and blue for the subheading. The dispenser is an eyedropper something else that is quite popular among these skin care products it works well, put personally I prefer the push down kind. 

The Dr. Song Vitamin C & E Serum with Hylauronic acid comes out as clear which of course I love because that means no skin coloration from the product. It's a much thinner liquid than any Vitamin C serums I tried or hyaluronic acids and has a slight plastic smell. After applying I wasn't happy with the heavy sticky residue left behind. 

Verdict: Although I do think this Dr. Song Vitamin C & E Serum with Hyaluronic Acid does work on my skin, without any irritation or breakouts I don't like it. It smells a little like plastic and and is sticky and heavy on my skin. Not great things for something going on your face. 

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