Review: Dr. Song Organic Rosehip Oil

Previously I've reviewed InstaNatural Rosehip Seed Oil so when the people over at Dr. Song offered me their version, of course I said yes. To start with I was a big fan of the Rosehip oil in general and I love that Dr. Song has an organic version. As you might know I'm all about being as chemical free as possible, especially when it comes to skin care.

First from the bottle. "This rose hip oil is 100% pure, organic virgin oil. The oil is extracted from rose bush seeds, using a special process to preserve it's natural cosmetic qualities which include high amounts of essential fatty acids particularly linoleum. " That's all on the back of the silver shiny bottle and other than the Dr. Song name and USDA certification. It is 4 fl oz and comes in a glass bottle that's an opaque dark blue and for the top has a screw off dropper dispenser. 

It is a brown, tea colored (except a little oranger), liquid and has a slight scent that reminds me of argan oil . Personally I thought that the liquid would be very hard to apply but I didn't have any issues, it went into my skin very easily. However it is a little oily for 5-10 minutes after applying so keep that in mind. 

After a full week of use, my skin feels softer smoother and moisturized. I think it looks quite a bit younger too. I didn't have any extra breakouts due to the Rosehip Oil, or any skin irritation. I'm going to be continuing to use rose hip oil on my skin. 

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