Review: Children 'n Us Stroller Organizer

Recently I've learned that children have a lot of accessories, which aren't included in case you were hoping otherwise, I mean a lot. Teenage girls, or high maintenance women have nothing on little babies. So when I was offered the stroller organizer by Children n' Us of course I said yes. Having a bag, even a diaper bag isn't really enough.

Starting with the packaging. This fabric, canvas to be exact, stroller organizer comes in a cardboard box. The box is quite cute, with whimsical drawing of an elephant in a hot air ballot as the logo and a light blue color. I do like that a product picture, with ideas on how to store things in your stroller organizer is included. It was easy to open the box and get the stroller organizer out, and you can reuse it for storage if you want.

The organizer itself is all folded up inside and appears to be smaller than it is, but once you get it out, you'll see it's about the size of a medium bag. There are click fasteners on either side to keep it secure to your stroller, and a snap half closure (as in you can still get things out of both sides) for the main part of the organizer. On both sides of the main part are mesh pockets that are the perfect size for bottles and the middle has a zipper pocket that you can utilize as well. On the front are two pockets. One with an exposed pocket, and the other with a velcro one.

Overall I'm quite impressed with this Children 'n Us Stroller Organizer. It's made out a very durable easy to wipe off black material and two latches to to keep it secure. Although it isn't a full day trip stroller organizer, it's perfect for a few hours out or running some errands. 

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