Review: Brieftons Spiral Slicer

I'm becoming quite the domestic goddess, if I do say so myself. I've been testing out frying pans,  muffin tins ,  and baking mats, all the while having fun cooking. So when Brieftons offered to send me one of their Spiral Slicers from  their kitchen series to review, of course I said says. I could think of so many ways to use it and how it would make my cook time faster and easier.  So let me tell you what I think after testing it out.  

First off this spiral slicer came in a small compact cardboard box with information on it. Like this is great for firm vegetables, like carrots potatoes, turnip rutabaga zucchini cucumbers large radishes apples squash pears and more. It's easy to operate safe, and has super sharp Japanese blades as well as being dishwasher safe. Opening it up there are there parts, a lid  the main piece and a cleaning brush. Personally I think the cleaning brush is a very nice touch.

To use simply stab your vegetable with the straight hook on the lid and then put into either side of the grinder and start twisting. I found it very easy to operate and that it didn't take too much muscle strength which was very nice. There are two sizes you can cut and I was happy with the results of both. 

Verdict: I think the Brieftons Spiral Slicer is a great product for cutting up vegetables in a safe and quick way. The blades are sharp and the product is easy to use. I was also happy with how easy it is to clean, thanks in part to the added brush so I will be using it for a long time to come. 

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