Review: BeeSili Ice Pop Mold Makers

Awhile back I reviewed LeanPops Silicone Popsicle Molds, and I thought they were a great idea. So when I was contacted about reviewing the BeeSili Ice Pop Mold Makers I went for it immediately. Although they are very similar, I can say that I do have clear favorite, although the whole idea of making your own, healthy frozen snacks makes both of them a winner in my book.

These came all wrapped together in plastic, and when I took them out, I noticed that they didn't smell, which was something that bothered me about the LeanPops and means that these BeeSili ones had been previously washed. The biggest difference though was the fact that these guys are colored. Gorgeous colors at that. They still have the smooth inside and increasing size as you get to the top that makes it easier to get product out though. 

After using these a few different times as ice pop makes, just pouring in fruit drinks and freezing it, I realized something. I could add other things and freeze it in, like a smoothie or water with blueberries in it. Or even just put snacks in them and use them as containers.

Overall I love the BeeSili Ice Pop Molds. They're a perfect alternative to visiting the vending machine, and I can use them for so many snack ideas. I love how easy to clean they are but of course my favorite is the interesting colors they come in, and picking them at random. 

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