Review: Adovia Sulfur Soap

I don't get acne as much as I used to. Sure around my period I get a few breakouts, but nowadays it isn't an issue. What is an issue is blackheads. I've tried things like those biore strips that ripped out my nose hairs and they helped a little bit, but not enough to be worth spending to get them once a week. So when Adovia who I've reviewed Mud Shampoo, Facial Salts, Eye Gel,  and Day Cream, asked me to review their Sulfur Soap Bar of course I said yes. Not only did I want to see what sulfur could do for my skin, but also since I love all of my previous Adovia I figured this one would be great.

This soap came in the trademark Adovia packaging of white with an ocean in the background. Well more likely the dead sea. Inside is a very yellow soap. At first I wasn't the biggest fan of the color, as I'm afraid of color deposit, but I went with it anyways. I was impressed with how well it lathered, and happy that it just had a clean scent. Not your typical soap or perfumed smell. I used it for two weeks on my face. 

Verdict: At the end of the two weeks I noticed a significant decrease in the amount of blackheads I had. The skin on my nose actually looks clear. The yellow didn't seem to rub off. The only thing I didn't like was that the Adovia Sulfur Soap gets an odd residue on the top of it. 

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