Review: Adfilic Bluetooth Stereo Portable Wireless Speaker

Previously I tried out the Dknight MagicBox Wireless Speaker. I liked the whole idea of it. iPhone (or any phone speakers) aren't really that great to use. The sound is not only muted in volume, but the quality too, it's almost impossible to understand the lyrics in a song. A wireless speaker seems like the perfect answer, loud quality sound and no worries about where you're going to put it so of course I waned to try out the Adfilic Bluetooth Stereo Portable Wireless Speaker.

The speaker came in a black box with very easy to follow directions on how to use it. So easy in fact that I actually managed to read them. Along with that were two wires one for charging and one in case your device doesn't have bluetooth. you can still use the speaker anyway. The speaker itself is a light blue and not very big.

I did notice something extra cool about this blue tooth speaker. You can use it not only for playing music but since it has a microphone you can use it for phone calls and there's even an attached radio that you can use, although I only found a few stations. The sound quality was great and the volume actually goes pretty high. I just hate the odd message that it gives you every time you turn on the AAdfilic Bluetooth Sereo Portable Wireless Speaker. 

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