Review 160 LED Dimmable Panel Digital Camera / Camcorder Video Light

I absolutely love photography and have for quite awhile. Actually it's a hobby that both my father and I share which is perfect because he tends to have awesome equipment I can use. One thing I noticed was missing though is a video light, which while I don't take video is exactly what I need when taking multiple photos for an outfit. You know "action shots". Well through modeling I've been exposed to quite a few good lights, but of course they're all a little too expensive for me so I was very excited when I was offered this 160 Led dimmable panel digital camera light, which is about $30.

It came in a basic cardboard box, that reminds me a lot of how Nikon products are packaged. Inside the box was the stuff to attach it to your camera the light itself and something I wasn't expecting three covers so that you can adjust the lighting to be either more purple, more red, or more yellow. The directions were easy to read so I went right at using it. 

Of course with my naturally yellow (or a nice way of putting it gold) tinted skin I went straight for the purple cover. It did take a lot of double a batteries, 6, to use but lasts for two days straight so I think that's a good compromise. I couldn't believe for such a small light that it was so bright, and it helped me to take great photos. 

Verdict: I love this video flash. It has three great color dimmers to use and is so much better than using a traditional flash for multiple shots. As a model I can say it's great because it won't hurt your eyes and as a photographer you don't have to worry about reaction time. It isn't the highest quality product, but for $30 I don't think it can be beat. 

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