Outfit: White Summer Dress 2 Ways with Mandy Leigh



As you might have noticed by some of my previous outfit posts from this summer, I'm really loving dresses. This white dress, from BCBG, has been calling for me to wear it. I finally answered those calls when Mandy Leigh and I decided to do a White Summer Dress Collaboration, and I think this might be my favorite outfit I've featured on my blog. For my look I wanted to go for something girly and dressy, but not something that was going to be a hassle to wear. I wore this outfit for a Zoo date, and was completely happy with my choice. 
Dress - The first piece of this outfit that I decided on and then I worked everything else around it. It's the perfect length, just above the knee and I love that it has a waist band. The back although pretty, makes this dress a struggle to put on and I have to be conscious of what bra I'm wearing. I think it's completely worth it though. 

Shoes - When I first saw these shoes, I wasn't a fan. However, I started wearing them whenever I needed brown shoes and started to really like them. They're a great contrast to the feminine dress and much more comfortable to walk around in than a pair of heels. 

Purse - Just last week I went to the Salvation Army Thrift Store and found this adorable little purse that is just the size I need. The simple look goes well with the dress, and the warm brown keeps with the summer feel. 

Colored Contact Lenses - I know that colored contact lenses are something someone normally thinks of as a part of an outfit but whenever I'm going for an girly look I wear them. The soft brown of these Princess Mimi, works well with the brown in this outfit, and of course I love the enlarging. 
Of course you guys have to go check out Mandy Leigh's White Dress Look, who I was lucky enough to have collaborate with me. Her look is a whole lot more edgy than mine (check out those shoes!) and I think you'll love all the makeup and beauty posts she does. 

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