Outfit: White Lace Crop Top and a Floral Skirt


This afternoon I was determined to do an outfit post, and I started picking out a look that is a whole lot more fall then summer, until I realized as cool as it's been I don't know how much longer I'll get to wear summer clothes, so I went with another crop top and skirt look although this floral and lace outfit looks a whole lot different. This is much younger more girl and feminine look that isn't serious at all, perfect for a summer date or a fun time with your friends. On a side not although I think the poses aren't too bad (big improvement from the past) for some reason my photos all turned out blurry even though I used the same camera as usual. I guess it could have been the filter I decided to use, also the picture below is me shutting the gate, my "photographer" took about twenty of them so I figured I could add one. 
  • Skirt - Since getting this skirt for my birthday, I've worn it quite a few times. It's long enough that I don't have to worry about constantly pulling it down, and stretchy which makes it both comfortable and give the illusion I have curves. Plus for warm weather who can resist a floral print?
  • Top - When I saw this top (it comes in three different colors) I liked it immediately, but I was worried the straps would be too long. I ordered it anyway figuring I could have someone alter that for me, but when it came in there weren't any worries because they're adjustable. As a side note you will need to wear some sort of bra under this. 
  • Shoes - It seems like whenever I want to look "dressy" I put on these shoes. I love the height and that they can work for multiple seasons since they're perforated. I think though I'm going to need to start shopping for another pair of heels before you guys get tired of seeing these. 
  • Necklace - I'm had a short little rant on how I was annoyed at Tiffany's price raising, but I still love their products. Actually I think my dream job would be working there, except for the fact I'd never come home with a pay check. 




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