Outfit: Wearing a Heart Print Shirt, Poses Just for Fun


I was so proud of myself for how the Combat Boots and Khaki Shorts  outfit from earlier this week turned out, both the outfit itself and the pictures for it. I thought that I could do as well or better on the next outfit I had to take pictures for, this casual heart shirt and skinny jeans look, but on the only day my "photographer" had time to take my pictures, it was four in the afternoon but the lighting made it look like it was dusk, and it was misty. I didn't have one in focus, good picture of me, so I figured I could just put up a few funny ones, because the poses make up for the bad quality. In case you can get past my distracting looks, and want to know about the outfit. 

Shirt - This shirt was less than $7 but I think it might be one of my favorite Oasap finds to date. It's very comfortable, and have a cute cut that keeps it from loping baggy, even though it is a little loose. Plus the heart print (with some upside-down) is so cute.

Jeans - I don't think I own a pair of jeans, that aren't skinny jeans, because I love what they do for my legs. This specific pair has a medium wash that goes with just about every shirt in my closet, and a high waist so I don't have to constantly pull my shirt down. 

Boots - Normally I wear my off white combat boots, but while rummaging around my mother's closet I found this brown pair and I think I might like them better. The two straps with large buckles do something extra for the shoes that I wish my own pair of combat boots had. 

Wallet - I'm not all that big on carrying around purses and for me, using a wallet is so much easier. It's light weight, and holds only the necessities which is great for me because whenever I do carry a purse I end up finding a lot of weird things in it. 



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