How to Wear Printed Trousers

Classy Printed Trousers Outfit

Trousers aren't something I wear very often, and to be honest most of the time when I see printed trousers the only thing I can think of is a pair of pajama pants. So you can imagine my surprise when this morning (I had to get up early and meet a friend), that only did I find a pair of printed trousers, but that I put them on. As it turns out there might be a way to wear printed trousers, even leopard print ones like in the outfit, without looking like you're just walking around in pajamas. I think I did a pretty good job with my ensemble, looking just formal and dressy enough, so I decided I could share a polyvore of what I wore... In the future you're probably also going to see a similar look on me because I'm loving it. 

  • Printed Trousers - Of course the most important part of this outfit is the feature piece, printed trouser pants. You don't want to go with something too bold in color (almost any print should be fine) because your trousers will end up looking like ill fitted leggings / tights. I prefer a black and white combo. 
  • Tank - To go with my pants I added a very simple cut tank, that's actually a little boring so the focus could be on my leggings. One way to add a little fun though, what I did with my look, is with a top that is slightly cropped (see my crop top guide for inspiration), so a little stomach shows. 
  • Shoes - The biggest thing from keeping this look from seeming like it is pajamas, is a nice pair of heels. For me, since I'm shorter than I'd like to be, the higher the better so that my legs look fantastic. These shoes are especially cool because they have a peep toe, so you could paint your nails something like Plastic Pink Flamingo
  • Bag and Sunglasses - A big bag, or a little clutch doesn't matter with this outfit as long as it is black, and smooth for a texture change. Of course to finish off this outfit I had to add sunglasses, to make this outfit look more chic. 

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