Haul: First Time at The Salvation Army Thrift Store

As much as I like getting good deals on clothing and saving money, most of the time the most extreme thing I do is shopping at the Nordstrom Rack instead of the main store. Today though we were driving by a Salvation Army, and decided to stop in. This was my first time in the store, and actually my first time at any Salvation Army Thrift Shop and it wasn't at all what I expected. Everything was well organized, the lighting was bright and the clothes all seemed to be in very good quality.  The best part though had to be the prices, considerably lower than any other thrift stores in my area.

After shopping at the Salvation Army Thrift Shop I can see myself buying a lot more used, not only because of the awesome prices but also for the environment, and the fact that the two main thrift stores in my area are charities, and buying is a great way to support them. So here's a look at what I bought, the total cost me less than $20.

 After looking through a few winter coats, I went over to the main purse area (there were a few random areas with them too) and almost immediately saw this brown leather cross body. It's small and has a lot of zippers and pockets, making it a perfect everyday purse for me. I had seen the brand before,  Vera Pelle, and my mother owned one so I knew the quality was good. So I bought it for $3.69 and after looking it up online I was even happier with my purchase because new purses by Vera Pelle similar to this one retail for for about $70. 

 My main objective at the Salvation Army Thrift Store was finding a few pairs of jeans, and even though I only ended up with one pair I'm still happy with it. Originally I found three different pairs in my size, there were a lot of name brands, but it seemed like the majority of the pairs I liked were in a size six.  I did find this very nice pair of black pants from Jordache. Even though they normally aren't that much, about $18, they looked new, and I got them for $1 so percentage wise it's quite a savings. 

 While I was waiting for a dressing room, I saw this beauty in the sweater section. Of course I couldn't pass it up, even if it's Jones New York a brand that is a little above my age range, because it's in my three favorite colors, grey, white, and black. I think it'll look perfect with a high waisted black skirt, which might be an outfit you'll be seeing coming up. 
I almost couldn't believe when I saw this adorable black coat, by Desigual with polkadots on it. It's a heavier jacket perfect for the winter, and it looks brand new, and fit me perfectly. The retail price is about $185 and I got it for $5, making it my best find. I think it'd be perfect with open with a white shirt and skinny jeans. 
My last find, when I was leaving the store was a brand new shirt for $4 with the tags still on it. I hate to admit it but I'm a huge fan of plaid, and hate that I have to wait until fall to wear it without looking completely out of place. This oversized (size 12 women's) is exactly what I was looking for because it can work either as a night shirt or, with a belt a shirt dress. 

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