Fitness Friday: Yoga with my Cat


Every morning starting not long after I began this whole Fitness Friday thing , I've tried to do yoga to wake me up, and then every night so that I can relax before going to sleep. I've noticed a big difference not only in my stress level, itself which hasn't seemed to be such an issue, and I'm actually happy to have a busy schedule, but my flexibility is probably my favorite thing that's happened thanks to picking up yoga again. 

Originally I was going to do some cool pose and post that affirmed that I'm a yoga pro, but then Cricket came over to my mat, and laid down and I thought that a picture with her was much better than anything of just me, so that's what I decided to post when it isn't even Caturday. As you might be able to tell, I have a blanket, actually a hot yoga towel, over my mat, which is so that when you're all sweaty from doing intense yoga you don't have to worry about a shiny mat, or the slipping that comes with sweaty feet. I think it also might be a cat attractor, but on the hardwood floor the little extra bit of cushion is especially on the hardwood floor, is really nice. 

When I do Yoga at home I just go for comfortable since no one, except for Cricket I guess, is going to be seeing me. The only necessity is tight clothing, because even though baggy clothes are easily to wear, they make it a lot harder to do yoga. So I went with short elastic waist, and a wide strapped tank, with a sports bra underneath. 

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