First Day of College Outfit

School is starting back up again, and although I've done a college essential clothing post, as well as a what to wear to college, my style has changed quite a bit since doing those so I figured it was time for a new outfit. It's a bohemian inspired look with touches of chic and quirky, instead of my old very put together (and maybe a little uptight) look. Although this is my first day back at college outfit, it's actually pretty much what I'd wear any day of the week. Except of course when I'm feeling particularly lazy and put on a pair of yoga pants. 
  • Cuffed Skinny Jeans - I'm still loving skinny jeans, and now that I'm picking out pairs with a higher waistline I feel like jeans couldn't be more flattering. This cuffed denim pair in a light wash and destroy making them very casual. 
  • Printed Crop Top - Since this is college, and there isn't a dress code (unless you're at a hyper Christian one) crop tops are in. With a high waisted pair of pants, you aren't actually going to be showing much skin. I love the aztec and western inspired print on this one, and that it's not low cut. 
  • Flats - High heels might look stellar on you, but you aren't going to want to wear them for a full day of classes, especially on your first day. For almost everyone college means a lot of walking,  sometimes in the rain and snow, which is a lot easier in a pair of flats and these are so cute with their simple design and nude color. 
  • Animal Bag - This was the quirky I was talking about. Not only do you want to show other people that you're fun but it's also nice to have something with you that's just going to make you smile. Although I picked a fox one, you can find anything from panda bears to owls. 
  • Gold Earrings - The one thing that I ALWAYS try to be classy with, even when I'm going for a look that's more of a Kesha "garbage can chic" is nice jewelry. It can really pull a look together and keep you from looking out of place. These knot earrings with a gorgeous texture (similar to the pair I was given for christmas

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