Easy Vegetable Tofu Sticky Rice

 Last night for dinner I made a very easy simple meal of Vegetable Tofu Sticky Rice, so I thought I could share the "recipe". Also If you're worried about this turning into a food blog, or some other sort of thing, don't worry too much, because... I'm much better at wearing stuff then cooking things. Anyways here goes with my recipe, it's completely vegan and low calorie both big pluses for my diet plan.

 The first step is to boil the rice for about 45 minutes. Once that's done then turn it off and start the frying the vegetables. Since I have a no stick green earth pan that Ozeri was kind enough to send to me, I just used a little bit of vegetable oil, but if you're having trouble with it sticking you can always use coconut oil. First start with onions, based on how many you like, then 1/2 a cup of red pepper, one stalk of celery, and a half cup of broccoli leaves and all, and then 1 cup of tofu. Once this is going for five minutes add in the rice and leave on high heat for 3 minutes while adding in a desired sauce. They you're done. 
And then I cleaned the pan, I did review on awhile back, the Green Earth Pan by Ozeri, and put this nifty little pan protector in it so the nonstick finish doesn't rub off and you're good to go. It's literally the best nonstick pan I've used, and of course I have to love the green color. 

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