Dorm Room Essentials with Kleenex & Walmart

As I'm sure a lot of you are already aware summer break is coming to an end. I'm finished with my summer school classes Monday, and then I'm going to have to rush and order my books for the start of the fall semester. To tell the truth it's all a little stressful, and until I have everything together, it's going to be on my mind. So to put my mind at easy a little, and hopefully yours too, I made this Dorm Room Essentials with Kleenex and Walmart (where you can find everything featured). I think I'm pretty qualified to do this since I have been in a dorm room a time or two. 


  • Laptop Computer - I knew a few kids who started out their college career without a laptop, thinking that they could save a little money and just have their phone/tablet and use the computers that were in the library. But that never works out because last minute projects, computers at the library full and a whole lot of other reasons. Plus some of the computers I saw at Walmart weren't much more than some of the textbooks I've had to buy. 
  • Compact Vacum - You might think that you don't mind living in a dirty dorm room, but once you  can't walk across the room without getting crumbs all over your socks you'll probably change your mind. And it's a little embarrassing to have people over when it's like that...
  • Keurig - Most people like to have a cup of coffee to wake them up when they're tired, which as a college student is just about every day. Going to a local coffee shop or the cafeteria isn't only expensive but time consuming and this Keurig in a variety of colors is too cute to pass up. 
  • Mini Refrigerator - To tell the truth I don't think very many people use refrigerators for any food. Just drinks, no not those kind of drinks although I'm sure that happens plenty. It's especially nice to have a cold drink if you aren't lucky enough to get an air conditioned dorm. 
  • Microwave - Okay maybe it's because I don't like going to the cafeteria, but I love cooking things in the microwave to eat. Obviously you can't make a ton of dinners with the thing but it's perfect for snacks like a bag of popcorn. 
  • Bedding - Don't take your comforter from home, because you'll either have to drag it back and fourth or sleep without one on weekends/breaks neither of which is fun. Plus the change can be a little fun, and for a dorm room you can be more wild with your choices. 
  • Shower Caddy - Especially for boys these shower caddies seem silly but they're a life saver. Everyone I knew had one, and that's because they're a necessity if you don't have your own bathroom.
  • Multi Way Chair - For me studying at a desk is hardly any fun, and this cushion chair from Walmart is a whole lot more comfortable. It can fold out completely for lounging too. This is one thing I wouldn't be getting rid of at the end of the school year. 
  •  Snacks - Something not mentioned that should be are snacks. Until you're away from your fully stocked (hopefully yours is that way) pantry and fridge at home, you won't know how much you miss it. 

One Thing You Might Forget... Kleenex


I'm sure you're thinking "Ah I won't need those" well you'd be wrong. They are perfect for so many things most importantly for posing with.But seriously wiping of leftover makeup that you forgot to remove the night before, picking up those gross things that you have no idea what they are or how they got on your floor but the biggest use is of course as a snot catcher for the inevitable two week cold you're going to have. Plus in the Chevron Pattern Exclusively available at Walmart Super Centers you won't mind keeping them around for decoration until you need them. And look how pretty they look, plus being available in four colors so they can match whatever room you put them in.

So go to Walmart and check out all the cool stuff they have

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