Chili’s® at Home Frozen Food, My College Necessity

Not long ago at all I did a list of back to school necessities for a dorm room, where I mentioned that you were going to need a mini fridge (that had a freezer) as well as a microwave. Well I wasn't kidding, especially now that I tried out some of the new Chili's At Home foods, which are by the way delicious. Even though I try to make dinners, like Tofu Vegetable Sticky Rice it's not at all easy for a college student to do. Not only is it rare I have all the supplies I need, but I don't have the time either. With a ton of homework, and what seems like multiple tests a week, I just need something fast to fuel me, you know faster then spending an hour and half getting to the cafeteria and back so I was so happy to be able to try out (thanks Chili's!) the new frozen entrees that Chili's has, which I was especially excited about because I love the restaurant. 

Making these frozen foods, was very easy. First you start out at the store picking the one you want, they seem pretty popular too since one kind was sold out, and then take them home with you. After that open the box, there's one plastic bowl full of food. You tear off a side and then put it in the microwave for a few minutes, take it out, stir and put it back in for an additional minute. Then take it out and eat. I had planned on taking a photo right after it was done, but... I was hungry and it looked so good so I just ate until I started to get full and then remembered that I needed to take a picture.

The Bacon Mac 'n Cheese is so good. It does have a few more calories than I'd like but it is totally worth it. It tastes fantastic, and is so filling that I didn't need anything else as a late night snack after eating it for dinner. I'm going to be trying quite a few.

Check out Chili's At Home for more information

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