Book Review: Leadership Lessons

Leadership Lessons 
Avoiding the Pitfalls of King Saul
By Ralph K. Hawkins and Richard Leslie Parrott

Principles for leadership and personal success. What kind of leader blows up ands throws a spear at one of his trusted commanders? Or attempts to kill his own son designated successor, in the middle of a conference? And customarily sits with his back to the wall so he cannot be taken by surprise? Believe it or not, the leader who did these things is Saul of Kish - Israel's first king. In Leadership Lessons: Avoiding the Pitfalls of King Saul, Dr. Ralph Hawkins and Dr. Richard Parrott provide a practical leadership guide with proven steps. They tell the stories of King Saul's leadership missteps and connect those stories with the challenges facing today's leaders. In our current climate of rapid change, intense competition and moral relativism, you will find valuable advice that will give your leadership a firm foundation. 

Dr. Ralph Hawkins is associate professor of Religious Studies at Averett University in Danville, Virginia. He is a founding co-chairmen of the Society of Biblical Literature Joshua-Judges Section, and is the author of The Iron Age I Strutire on Mt. Ebal and How Israel became a People. Dr. Hawkins teaches Bible and archaeology courses, is an ordained minister, and speaks frequently on biblical archaeology and leadership. 

Dr. Richard Leslie Parrott is a professor of education at Trevacca Nazarene University. He teaches classes in research, ethics philosophy and leadership. His publications include When Pastors Pray, True and Best: Authentic Living, Essentials: The Proven Path of Effective Leadership, and My Soul Purpose. Dr. Parrott is founder and president of Seize Your Life, helping individuals and organizations to take hold of life's full potential. He also speaks frequently to businesses and churches. 

Leadership is a skill that most people would say you have to be born with. However that isn't the case. Leadership Lessons offers a huge array of principles to use based on biblical knowledge that can be used in your life. If you like Godonomics or The Greatest Comeback this book is something you should check out.  

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