Book Review: Into the Canyon

Into the Canyon
by Michael Neale

Some stories take generations to unfold. Gabriel Clarke has The River in his blood: The River that he loved as a child. The River that took his father, John. The River he feared, fled.. and has come back to now. Jacob Fielding owes the last twenty years of his life to John Clarke - the stranger who drowned saving he and his brother from their own boyish recklessness. Since that day Jacob's gratitude has extended to everyone around him.. especially Gabriel that brave man's son. But while the death of John Clarke became a powerful force for good in Jacob it has been an unshakable source of darkness in another man. When gratitude and guilt meet at the River, two decades after that fateful day Gabriel finds himself face to face with a stark choice for his own future: anger or forgiveness hatred or love, life or death. So much more than an allegory Into the Canyon will inspire you to love deeply forgive extravagantly and live large.

Micheal Neale is a bestselling author and Dove Award winning songwriter. His songs have been recorded by artists such as Michael W. Smith Natalie Grant Rebecca St. James, and odd Agnew. Michael leads worship and teaches at conferences nationwide. In between travels, he serves as a worship leader at Christ Fellowship Church in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, where he lives with his wife Leah and their children Micah Maisie and Wyatt.

When I first started reading this book, I expected your typical coming of age novel, but what I got was very different. I love all the raw emotions, not just in one character either. This novel has a lot going on, but it's easy to follow, and you'll for sure find yourself getting caught up in it. Into the Canyon is a great emotion read, particularly if you're a person that has a problem with forgiveness. If you like Clear Winter Nights  or Miracle in a Dry Season you'll love this book.

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