Book Review: The Heretic

The Heretic
1536 Who will survive the new world order?
Henry Vyner-Brooks

The Stage: While Brother Pacificus hides from his own past, the old world monasteries, hospitals, guilds is being squandered. Now he awakes to a new world order: the rise of the restless rich, the omnipotent state, the triumph of fact.  The Players: They were nobodies: pawns, misfits, caught in the cogs of other men's schemes. A monk, a leper, a whore, an eel-catcher, three children with parents accused of heresy, washed up like flotsam in these Norfolk backwaters. 

The Inferno: Heresy, sedition, betrayal, murder: England's last Benedictine house boils over. Trust no one. Watch your back. Good advice, yet these unlikely heroes must now trade trust for survival. From the crypts of Saint Benet's Abbey, to the brutal streets of London and Antwerp the companions must face their darkest fears to protect those they love. From the coarse woolens and shattered dreams of the marsh to the silks and intrigues of the Tudor court, they must learn to hang together. Or, of certainty, they will hang separately. 

I'm a sucker for historical books. I love being able to learn a little history while getting entertained by the novel I'm reading. The Heretic is a huge book, and it's going to take a little reading time. I love all the drama going on, you know life or death situations, and I didn't want to put it up. If you like Rest not in Peace , or Defy the Night you'll really want to check out The Heretic. 

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