Book Review: Expecting with Hope

Expecting with Hope
Claiming Joy When Expecting a Baby After Loss
By Teske Drake

It takes a lot of courage to pick up this book. To open this book and read the words printed here means one very exciting and scary thing: you're pregnant. Again. After having had the painful experience of loss - whether by miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss. I consider it a great honor to be able to walk this journey with you. We are going to spend quite some time together, digging deep into some very real and relevant biblical promises that I pray are of great encouragement to you along the way. With the Lord's guidance, it is my great hope that you are able to claim joy amidst the grief as a Mother who is expecting with hope. 

Teske Drake (Ph.D, Iowa State University) is a mother to three babies in heaven and two on earth. She is cofounder of Mommies with Hope a biblically based support group ministry for women who have experienced miscarriage or infant loss. 

This book has a slim market. I wish that it was to help any grieving mother, instead of one that is already pregnant. However, I do like Expecting with Hope. The chapters are all laid out nicely and at the end of each one there is an area to write to God, which is never a bad thing. The author combines sound knowledge with her own perspective which I have to love because it makes the book so personal. I think if you're going through the loss of a child this would be a great book to check out, also if you like Living Whole without a Better Half or Into the Canyon you'll be even more interested in this book.

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