Book Review: Abraham

One Nomad's Amazing Journey of Faith
By Charles R. Swindoll

Discover the power of belief. When we rewind history to Abraham's era, we encounter people who concocted false superstitions to explain the unexplainable. Powerful kings claimed to be gods, built massive pyramids in an attempt to achieve immortality. Out of this mass of misunderstandings, this collage of confusion one man emerged. Why, thousands of years later, are we still discussing the faith of this desert nomad? Chuck Swindoll answers that question and many more in this compelling and insightful biography that will inspire your own faith.  Cultivate a courageous trust in God. While each person's faith journey is unique, Abraham blazed a trail for the rest of us. Just like Abraham we will
  • Face an Uncertain Future and uncertain destinations as we follow our callings
  • Be Tempted to run ahead of god, trying to fix the world and our lives in ways we see fit. 
  • Struggle to see how God can keep His promises
  • Be Forced to Wait - even when we don't want to
Charles R. Swindoll has devoted his life to accurate practical teaching and application of God's Word and His Grace. A pastor at heart, Chuck has served as senior pastor to congregations in Texas, Massachusetts, and California. Since 1998 he has served as the founder and senior pastor-teacher of Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco, Texas but Chick's listening audience extends far beyond the local church body. A leading program in Christian broadcasting since 1979 Insights for Living airs in major Christian radio markets around the world, reaching people groups in languages they can understand. Chuck's extensive writing ministry has also served the body of Christ worldwide, andd his leadership as president and now chancellor of Dallas Theological Seminary has helped prepare and equip a new generation of men and women for ministry.

There are so many questions about the bible, so I'm always interested in reading anything about people's interpenetration so of course I was interested in reading Abraham, character that is present in a few different religions This book is easy to read, and offers Abraham as an inspiration for our own lives. If you like 100 Tough Questions about God and the Bible or The Book of Revelation Made Clear you'll love this book. 

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