A Little About Having Pets (+ a Giveaway)


First let me start by saying although I titled this post "a little about having pets", but rarely are the animals in my house referred to as pets, but rather my "sisters". It started with my parents joking around when I was little that Elizabeth was my sister, which isn't something that a proud only child wants to hear. Now though I can Elizabeth my sister, even in front of other people and only sort of joking. So let me tell you a little bit about everyone.

Cricket is a used cat we adopted from our county animal shelter, at the end of December. Previously I had a very mellow cat, and thought by picking out an adult I'd get that again, so it took a little adjusting on my part when her first day home I had to pull her off the Christmas tree twice, tuck in all my strings so she didn't try and grab them, and hope when I was sleeping I didn't move around enough to catch her attention. Now she's calmed down a little, and I've become more patient, so it's a whole lot better. I do worry though because she seems to have a breathing issue that the vet couldn't figure out. 

Checkers my dog is the perfect walk partner, even if taking her means I also have to take a plastic bag with me. She's the type of dog that barks when she see's or hears something out of place, and although that can be annoying, when I'm home alone I really appreciate it. I absolutely hate that she gets into the garbage can, but she makes up for it with her constant happiness.  

Elizabeth the Parrot is probably the most entertaining of the bunch. Whenever I come downstairs in the morning she always says hello (or sometimes hi) and when I'm eating breakfast she always demands a piece. Even though she can't carry on a conversation for more than a few seconds "What you doing" "Why" "Oh" it's always fun to talk to her, and I feel like I have a genius in the house when she gets animal sounds right when I ask her. 

I was kind of debating if I should include the fish that are in a tank in the living room, because to tell the truth I don't like them that well. If I go up to the tank they hide in the plants, so I can't even see them. I wish instead of tropical fish, I had went with goldfish.  Everyone else in my house though I love having. Sure I get annoyed with them, I'm probably not a very patient person but they're all great, and I love seeing all their different personalities. That said, I think in the future I'll limit the amount of pets I have to one. 


But now for the giveaway, since it is Win it Wednesday, and I have two pet related products for you that you can win. The first is a set of Yorkie Pet Hair Care Products , that contains a shampoo, conditioner, and detangler. I used these on both my dog and cat, and after just once their fur was so much smoother and softer. As well as 4 lb. bag of Petbrosia Custom Dog or Cat food that tailored exactly for your pet's individual needs. I found it very easy to fill out the information, and Checkers loved her bag. 


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