A Good Day, and then A Better One (even if I didn't get any blogging done)


Yesterday I thought I had an awesome day. I finished the last of my school work for two of my classes, and took a quiz (scoring well) and got to hang out with a friend, that I had missed.  Actually I forgot how much I actually like that friend until yesterday, and although we didn't do much, I had a great time. Well, my day today just kind of blew yesterday's good day out of the water. 

This morning I got up, at seven which is way to early for summer, and headed to school. Since it's finals week almost no one was in the parking lot, and I was able to park close enough that I only had to walk about ten feet to the building. On my very short walk I checked my email, and saw that I got my $50 Amazon gift card that I was hoping for. Once in my Working with Families class I gave my presentation for my  (I was a little worried since I wasn't a big fan of some of what my partner did) and then headed to my second class, not only did she let us leave 20 minutes early, but at the end she told us our final grades and I had 100% in the class which instantly relieved me of some of the stress I was feeling about being able to get an A. 

When I went home I was checking my email, and saw that not only am I going to be sent two cool beauty products to review, but that my VoxBox Venus Embrace Razor Review was one of the top reviews, which means that I'm going to be sent a P&G gift bag full of full sized versions of their beauty products, to me winning this way is so much cooler than being randomly picked because it means they actually like my work. About that time I figured I should check on my Working with Families class to see if he graded our final presentation and report, and he did and I got 100% giving me a final grade of 104%. Of course I had to tell everyone in my house about it, and when it was done I realized that I received another email, for a blogging opportunity similar to (and from the same agency as well) the very cool Kotex Pad Save the Undies one where I was able to give all of my readers free sample packs of Kotex products. So look for that coming up. Then to finish it all up, my father was paying my tuition bill that just came and I was given a, small, scholarship because of my grades, and amount of credit hours. 

The only thing I wish I had done differently today is work more on a project for my Data Analysis class, and do some blogging but I'll be able to do those tomorrow so it isn't a big deal. And I'm really hoping for more days like today, although I'll definitely settle for ones like yesterday. 

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