What to Wear on a Fancy Date

Perfect Feminine Outfit for a Date

Whenever I go on a date, or even just one of those "hang out" things with someone that I'm interested I try on about a million outfits before finding one that I think is good enough to go out in, and if it's a formal date figuring out what I'm going to wear takes me twice as long. So even though I already did an outfit for a formal summer date, I thought it would be fun to do another look for a formal date night. Well that and this dress, which I think is absolutely perfect was calling to me I think it's perfect for a girl with any hair color / skin color, and is a good date night look for a variety of activities. 

  • Dress - Along with my love for crop tops (see my high waisted skirt crop top look), I've really been into cut out dresses lately. I might even like them more because you can still be heavier and still wear them. This dress is perfect though because the feminine pink and black mesh so well together. 
  • Shoes - Wedges aren't normally my favorite shoes, but on a date the last thing you want to do is seem high maintenance. Wedges, especially a Mary Jane style like these help you, because you're a whole lot less likely to fall down in them or have them fall off. Plus they're very young and feminine. 
  • Clutch - A lot of girls try and go for a completely matched look, but for an accessory I prefer a few shades lighter or darker than the main outfit piece. Since there wasn't really any texture in the outfit, I thought adding the rose detail was perfect. 

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