What to Wear on the 4th of July


4th of July Outfit 

The 4th of July is just around the corner, and most places I'm sure this is just any like any other day but since I live in the United States, it is quite the holiday.  I decided to put together an outfit
t that is patriotic but not overdoing it. I mean in my opinion the most fun outfit for the fourth would be an American flag bathing suit, but unfortunately that isn't exactly a class look. I went for a look that would be perfect for a barbecue with the family or watching fireworks with your friends (or that special someone).  For more ideas you can check out my colored jeans look and How to put some Patriotic in your look

  • Graphic T-Shirt - I actually had a little bit of trouble finding a t-shirt that wasn't too overpowering for this outfit, but instantly fell in love with this vintage looking t-shirt and that has a little bit of an Americana feel. 
  • Cropped Jeans - Jeans are definitely a big part of american history, so of course I needed to add a pair to this outfit Since it is a little warm in July, even at night, I made these cropped jeans, and they're cuffed so it doesn't look like you're simply wearing something that's too small.
  • Sunglasses - Depending on the time of day that you're going out, the sun might not be out so you could ignore this part of the outfit. I added this pair because they have a wide frame, and are white.
  • Bag - Normally I wouldn't use such a big bag, but this one can fit anything you need (like that swimsuit I mentioned earlier). Plus with the cross-body strap it should be easy to carry.
  • Shoes - Of course I had to add something with an American Flag on it, and I decided that the shoes would be the perfect place. I have to admit I'm starting to fall in love with Toms.

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