Summer Session 2 First Day, Only One Class

 Today was my first day back to school after my way too short break that I talked about.  Luckily though because my long class canceled I only had one to go to, for an hour and fifteen minutes. I decided though that I could go early, not as early as my class though, that way I could get used to the time difference. On the way there was road construction but the traffic wasn't bad so it wasn't a big deal. I parked in the free parking (saving $40) because it's actually just as close to my classroom.

Since I had all that free time I found a very comfortable chair to sit in and a place to plug my computer in. I scooted up the coffee table and put my feet on it before getting to work on blogging stuff. I was trying to get this one piece done but the urge to go the bathroom overtook me which was quite annoying because I had to pack up all my stuff, leave and then come back again. As you can see above the view where I was sitting was pretty good. 

When I walked into class, there were a lot less students than I expected. Then the teacher walked in. She has a bright blonde mohawk, about the same color as my hair, and her ears completely full of piercings, although I didn't see them anywhere else. She seemed really cool, especially when she told us all we had to do was show up and do our work in class for an A. We talked a little bit about what we were going to do in class and then read a doctor's evaluation of a very mentally ill man. He had fantasies he was a vampire, liked to hang upside down, and thought he could cast spells. The worst part is that he was released and it's a real evaluation.  She let us out early as she says "the only time it'll happen".
 When I was walking to my car I noticed that this tractor just driving around in the parking lot and since I had to wait for it to go by I figured I could take a picture. As you can see there aren't very many people in summer school, but the big question is why was the tractor there. My drive back was pretty uneventful, but I can proudly say I didn't use the air conditioner #beinggreen
 When I came home the construction guys, working on a gate for our backyard, where there with their van doors wide open. This meant I had to go way around them to park and when I opened the door and looked out I thought I nailed it so I took a picture. When I actually got out I realized I was just being dumb and that the tires were half way in the grass. I really wanted to take a nap, but I didn't and worked on some blogging things, finishing up both my Pencil Skirt Outfit Collaboration, as well as my Belle and Bear Eyelash Curler review. It wasn't all good though because I completely pigged out as well. 
After dinner I took checkers, who's been quite annoying lately on a walk even though it was supposed to rain. Just as we were leaving I saw this rainbow but didn't get a great picture of it. We walked very fast around the neighborhood so at least I can say I got a little exercise. 

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