Roundup: My Book Reviews (June)

Okay so you may or may not know this but I read a lot of books, and I review every single one, and although I do talk about them on my blog, they rarely make it to the front page, so I figured just like my beauty reviews roundups that are for product reviews of mine you might not have seen otherwise, I could also do book review roundups so that you can see a summary of all my book reviews from the previous month and then decide if you want to read the whole thing. I have to warn you though, there are a lot. 


 Let Me Be Clear - Although I'm not normally into political debates, or reading/watching particularly left or right leaning media, after reading Kaite Kieffer's book I can say that it was very factual (there are a huge amount of references), and extremely well written, I was so impressed that I not only did a full review of Let Me Be Clear but I also reviewed it, 5 stars, on other sites. 


A Christian Survival Guide - Okay, I review a lot of Christian themed books and some of them are self help. While I normally have so disagreements with those books overall I like them. In my review of A Christian Survival Guide, I made it pretty clear, I don't "get" what this book is even for. 

7 Ways to Be Her Hero - Although I'm not a man I was so curious about what this book had to say, that of course I read it. I love Doug Fields's brash writing style and to me at least, these seven changes seem really doable. You can check out my 7 Ways to be her Hero review for more of my thoughts. 

A Nice Little Place on the North Side - I'm a huge fan of baseball, mostly because I think the men who play it are nice looking, but I'm still a fan, so I was curious to learn more about it's history. I found out that there is a lot more going on, things that my Anthropology professor would even be interested in that you can see in my review of A Nice Little Place on the North Side.

The Paleo Manifesto - For me having a healthy diet is a big deal, and I'm always looking for ways to improve it and I though this book would help me with just that but, it's a little too committed for me, and seems a little unnecessary. See my The Paleo Manifesto review for my whole argument. 

Fly A Little Higher - I had never heard of the main man in this book, although some research told me he was pretty well known. Although this book is very sad, he is such an inspiration that it's a need to read. 

The Traitor's Heir - Although I tend to go for the non-fiction and romance books, sometimes you need to have a little break and let your imagination run wild and that's exactly what a fantasy book is for. I love all the vivid imagery, and characters. 


The Case for the Real Jesus - I'm always looking for a good book that has biblical facts in it, that of course are well cited, and this student edition of The Case for Jesus does just that for me. Well worth reading if you or someone you know is questioning their faith. 

A Triple Knot - Just like I mentioned earlier that I love to read, here's a romance that I couldn't have loved more. I love the whole historical setting, and the three way love triangle thing going on. Well worth pleasure reading. 

 Child of Mine - I think everyone knows who Beverly Lewis is, and if you don't let me just tell you her writing is phenomenal. I can't help but love the little bit of Amish this book has as well as the grieving mother and young girl. 

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