Roundup: Beauty Reviews (July 20-26)

 Lavo High Performance Volcanic Mud Mask - I've been absolutely loving masks lately so when Lavo contacted me about trying out their Volcanic Mud mask I was super excited. I'd heard a lot about the benefits of volcanic soil, and wanted to try it out on my skin. Let me tell you I didn't end up disappointed. This mask does wonders for my skin. 
 EnvyDerm Lola Plumping Lip Gloss  - I would absolutely love to have bigger lips, to go with my large eyes, but genetics aren't always in your favor. To fix it myself I've tried a few different lip gloss plumpers, and this EnvyDerm one in Lola is not only pretty but makes a big difference in the size of my lips. 
 Cleopatra's Choice Shea Butter - For awhile now I've heard of all kinds of products promoting themselves as having Shea Butter in them, from body washes to lotions. They claim this is what will moisturize your skin, so I figured I could try out 1000% Shea butter, and even though it is a little thick I really like it. 
Lactic Acid 10% Peel   - This isn't exactly a peel, but more like a serum. I like the glass vial it comes in, and the clean and clear label. For someone who has really dry skin something like this could be a necessity. 

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