Review: Yorkie Splash and Shine Shampoo, Conditioner and Detangler

I was given a set of trial sized Yorkie hair care products to try out, consisting of Splash the yellow bottle of shampoo, Shine, the white conditioner and Sheen the red bottle with the detangler / finishing spray. Before I get into the products let me tell you a little more about Yorkie Splash and Shine. In 2009 they started with Yorkie dogs in mind. They're more sensitive then other breeds and typical dog shampoos just don't work for their fur type. Just because they were designed for Yorkies doesn't mean they're only for them, as these will work for all breeds, and since they told me that some people even use it on their cats, in addition to trying it out on my dog, Cricket the Cat was forced to try it out too, because I've had so many problems with her fur. 

Splash Shampoo - comes in a yellow color and has an ingredient list as follows Saponified Organic Oils of Coconut, Olive and Jojoba, Glycerin/Vegetable Gum Extract, Fragrance Oil Blend, Organic Aloe Vera, Rosemary Extract. When I read the ingredients list I couldn't believe that there weren't any chemicals, but more importantly I was impressed with how the shampoo worked. It lathered well, smells good and was easy to rinse out and didn't leave either of my pets with clumped fur something that happens with normal dog shampoo. 

Shine Conditioner - Previously I'd never seen a conditioner for dogs, so I was interested in trying it out. A little goes a long way, and as soon as it's rinsed out of your pet's fur you'll noticed how much smoother they feel instantly. After they dried though I couldn't believe it, especially my cat's fur because hers is always a problem. Everyone who came over in the week that I bathed my dog and cat had to "feel how nice their fur is".

Detangling Spray - Let me start by saying I love this detangler so much I might even use it myself. To use put it directly on the coat or onto a brush and then comb it through their fur. Instantly they had more shine, and a softer coat plus it smelled so good. 

These are exclusively available at and you can use the coupon code L9Z51E5T481U for 5% of anything in their shop.

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