Review: Spongelle Pedi Buffer Beach Grass

I don't have the nicest feet, I mean they aren't poorly shaped or anything but they are rough for sure. It's really a me problem from wearing shoes that are too tight and simply not wearing shoes at all sometimes. I try and make up for it with thick lotions like the Nivea Creme but that isn't enough. So I knew I'd be a great  reviewer when Spongelle offered me a Pedi Buffer (in Beach Grass Scent) to talk about with you guys.

Starting with the box that this Spongelle product came in, it looks a little like something that a hotel spa would have in their shop. I love the teal color that reminds me of the ocean and that although the box is cardboard it's thick. The gold and black lettering are very pretty but my favor part is that there is a peep window that lets you see the sponge inside. Covering it though is a plastic wrap to keep it from being damaged. 

Beach Grass smell is similar to cotton with a little bit of salt water added in, and it's nothing but pleasant.  The texture is rough on one side and like a soft bar soap on the other. To use, get it wet and rub your foot with the rough side. There will be a light lather. With a few uses my feet felt so much nicer.

Verdict: The Spongelle Pedi Buffer in the Beach Grass scent is great. It has beautiful packaging, making it perfect for a gift and the smell is so nice. I love that although it's a foot buffer it didn't really scratch at my feet or irritate them. Just a nice sudsy scrub. 

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