Review: SoapBox Lemongrass Face + Body Bar Soap

So I already told you guys about the Mandarin Liquid Hand Soap that I'm loving so I think it's time we talk about SoapBox some more and, this very nice Lemongrass Face and Body Bar Soap that they gave me to go with my hand soap. If you don't know about SoapBox they're an awesome company where if you buy one of their products they give something to someone in need. For bar face and body soap like this one, for each one you buy (you can find SoapBox at Target) one is donated. As for what else is so great about these soaps  Everyone of the SoapBox products are cruelty free and certified vegan, gluten free, made in USA have 100% recyclable packaging are free of palm oil. paraben free, petrochemical free, phthalate free,  and sulfate free. 

I can talk about this soapbox packaging because I received the full size of this product. It has a small picture of a young Indian girl on the top left, and then a green bar saying soap = hope. Then the scent,in an off white color with a brand logo, on the back there is more information about the soap. The soap inside the box, is a yellowish  orange and has little dots on it. 

Even before opening up the box that this Bar soap was in I could smell the Lemongrass scent. Actually I kept going to it and smelling it again and again because it smells so nice. It lathers really well, and felt creamy not dry on my skin. 

I'm a huge fan of this soap. I've already told you guys about the health and social benefits of using a soapbox soap, but there are other reasons to love this soap. It's high quality, smells awesome, lasts well, and I'm a sucker for these kind of bar soaps. 

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