Review: Skin QR Organics Anti Cellulite Concentrate

I've talked about the fact that I've developed a little bit of cellulite before when I did my review of Sieva Cellulite Firming Lotion, and it did help. However I still have some cellulite that I'm quite ashamed of, and with my desire to become a fit model and or in fitness competition. So I was very excited to try out the Skin QR Organics Anti Cellulite Concentrate and see what it could do for me. 

I absolutely love the bottle that this Skin QR organics product comes in the bottle is tall 8-10 inches (sorry I didn't measure it) and has five oz of product. The white simple look of the bottle with black font, and just a green leave on it is so pleasant looking and I love the clear cap that goes over the press down dispenser, which is easy to use. 

The first thing I noticed was the sweet mint smell. It is a pure white and not heavy at all. The Skin QR Organics Anti Cellulite Concentrate, went into the skin well and didn't burn or irritate my skin which can be an issue with some cellulite products. After having it on my skin for a little while it did feel a little sticky after having it on for awhile. 

Verdict: I love how this Skin QE Organics Anti-CEllulite Concentrate looks. The bottle is beautiful and I love that the lotion is a pure white. I don't like though how it feels on my skin after wearing it for awhile, but it's a price I'm willing to pay to get rid of my cellulite which it does seem to be doing. 

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