Review: Sieva Cellulite Firning and Body Contouring Cream

I hate to admit it, but I have cellulite. I remember in high school I had literally zero of the stuff and whenever I would see other girls with it, I was always surprised. I wasn't even sure how you got such a thing. Since gaining a little weight (see my first fitness friday) I've unfortunately acquired the nasty stuff and have been loping for a way to get rid of it without chemicals or spending a lot of money on laser treatments. So I was very happy when Sieva contacted me about reviewing their Cellulite Firming and Body Contouring Cream because it's exactly what I was looking for.

The packaging looks exactly like it's sister product the Sieva Stretch Mark and Scar Cream. A basic white plastic tub (that you can recycle) with a label wrapped around the middle. Instead of orange though this one is white with pink details and a black font. The lid twists off, and it does have a reusable safety seal. 

This Cellulite lotion smells slightly minty which in my book is a very good thing. To apply I put a small amount on my thighs and rubbed up, like you would for dry brushing. Since this is the only place I have cellulite I stopped here but you can use it where ever you have it. I did notice that although the lotion is runny (watch out for spilling it) it left a slightly residue that took about 30 minutes to absorb into my skin. Then my skin actually felt tighter. 

After using only a week I noticed a difference in the amount of cellulite I have, and I think with continued use (which I'm going to do) there will be an even bigger difference. I didn't have any irritation to the product and using it wasn't a chore so I couldn't be happier with Sieva Cellulite Firming and Body Contouring Cream. 

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