Review: PureSol Konia Facial Sponge

Previously I tried out the Japanese Cherry Blossom Konjac Sponge   and loved it but I decided to try out this PureSol Konia Facial Sponge with activated bamboo charcoal because I've heard so much about using charcoal. It seems like charcoal might become the new in skin care thing like shea butter is. Of course this product doesn't only have the charcoal but it's also natural, eco-friendly biodegradable, and chemical free.  

The packaging on this box is probably my all time favorite for a beauty product. The PureSol Konia Facial Sponge comes in a simple brown cardboard box with a peak through window so you can see the product inside. The writing is in a black font, and easy to read but not over powering. The back has all the information. The sponge itself starts out hard and dry, and has a hole drilled in it with a string. 

To use first soften the sponge, with warm water. Once soft you can add your favorite cleanser. It suds very well, and feels so soft on the skin that you won't have to worry if you have sensitive skin. For me I like to simply use normal soap and water with it. 

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