Review: Petunia Skincare Professional Vitamin C Serum

Skin care, particularly anti-aging products is something that I'm really into. I'm pretty sure you already know that though because I've been saying it to justify just about every one of my reviews that feature an anti-aging product. Well what can I say I, I'm just ahead of the trend. So when I had the chance to try the Petunia (name threw me off for awhile but its a flower!) Skincare Professional Vitamin C Serum. It contains not only vitamin C but also E and hyaluronic acid and ferulic acid which are all great for your skin according to the latest research. 

To start with it came in a box which already impressed me because most of the serums I receive especially the amazon ones, just have the bottle which I think could be risky for shipping.  I was impressed by what was on the box too, information about each of the active ingredients and what they can do for you. The bottle is a dark brown, for the same reason the Uni Moroccan Argan Oil Bottle is, to keep the product from breaking down and has a dropper for dispensing.

The color of the Petunia Skincare Professionals Vitamin C Serum is a white, with a slightly pink tint and it smells slightly sugary. It's thin making it easy to apply and goes into my skin easily. It's a lot lighter than other serums I've tried and since it has sun protection built in I think this Petunia Vitamin C product is perfect for day or night. 

Final Verdict: I really like this serum. It's great for under makeup so it can be put on in the morning after washing your face since it's so light and doesn't leave any residue. The best thing about this serum though is that not only does it provide hyaluronic acid for anti aging, but also ferulic acid to protect your skin from future sun exposure. 

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